Crafting A Culture of Kindness

Planting KindTrees

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Mission of

The KindTree Project 


The KindTree Project Program aims to plant flowering seeds of kindness 

in the hearts, minds, habits, and attitudes of individuals

so that the day-by-day fruits that spring forth

are abundant in empathy, kindness and compassion; 

and prolifically fertile in reproduction.

  The KindTree Project 


About the Program

The KindTree Project Program is implemented via weekly group meetings and led by a facilitator. 

The meetings should be once a week for twelve weeks and last between an hour to an hour and a half.  

The final meeting will comprise the program graduation.

The Program uses three separate books. The Facilitation Guidebook is to be used by the group facilitator, and the Workbook and Journal are to be used by the group members.

The Program will operate wherever your group meets, as the facilitator (someone from Your group, company, organization, etc.) will utilize the facilitation guidebook to lead the group. On-demand video or podcast guidance is available as an additional option.

KindTree groups should be small, with no more than eight participants. When a group has graduated, another group should start soon thereafter.

As the groups rotate, the Culture of your workplace, organization, school, etc. (any group) will [begin to] change for the better as the Culture of Kindness is cultivated within the group and group participant's.

~The Program is intended for "working-aged" individuals as it requires introspection, deliberate thought, and the ability to exercise intention.~

(*Please note that the "Facilitator" needs to [initially] complete the program as a group member also.  When purchasing the program also purchase a workbook and journal for the person that will lead the group.)


The KindTree Project, has emerged primarily in response to the present [pervasive] virulent milieu that allows for the proliferation of egregiously abnormal acts of unwarranted violence and unprovoked murderous commissions to recur [with frequency] in modern society.

These random, unpredictable, wretched deeds equate to psychological assault and battery upon the soul of every non-consenting witness, and they are beyond remediation to those that bear the brunt of impact.

This madness must end!  Barbarism must not be permitted as it has no [legitimate] place in a sane and civil society!

To this end, The KindTree Project [Program] endeavors to sow flowering seeds-of-clemency that will spring forth into proficient, restorative branches of civility and compassion to the betterment of our world and posterity.

~The KindTree Project Program is the primary feature of The KindTree Project.~


The KindTree Project Program has been designed to accommodate the modification of its content, and method of administration; so that it may be presented with authenticity and relevance in varied settings, and to diverse groups of individuals.

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How we meet our objectives


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