The KindTree Project aims to plant flowering seeds of kindness 

in the hearts, minds, habits, and attitudes of individuals

so that the day-by-day fruits that spring forth

are abundant in empathy, kindness and compassion; 

and prolifically fertile in reproduction.

A brief history

Program launch date: July 28, 2023

The KindTree Project, has emerged, primarily, in response to the present [pervasive] virulent milieu; that allows for the proliferation of egregiously abnormal acts of unwarranted violence, and unprovoked murderous commissions to recur [with frequency] in modern society.

These random, unpredictable, wretched deeds, are tantamount to psychological, assault and battery, upon the soul, of every non-consenting witness; and beyond remediation to those that bear the brunt of impact.

This madness must end–barbarism cannot be tolerated, as it has no 

[legitimate] place in a sane and civil society!

To this end, The KindTree Project endeavors to sow flowering seeds of clemency, that will spring forth into proficient, restorative branches, of civility and compassion to the betterment of our world and posterity.

Where we are today

July  28, 2023: Launch of The KindTree Project Program!!!

The KindTree Project Program utilizes three books: 

1.The KindTree Project Program Facilitation Guidebook;        

2. The KindTree Project Program Participants Workbook; and 

3.The KindTree Project Program Journal.

The complete program can be purchased on Amazon:


Please note:  For each KindTree Group you will require one Facilitation Guidebook (to instruct the individual that will lead or facilitate the weekly group meetings).  You will also need to purchase a KindTree Project Program Journal and Participant Workbook for each person that will participate in the group.

Please also be aware that the person who will lead or facilitate the group MUST go through the program First as a participant.  The instructions are easy to follow and spelled out in the Facilitation Guidebook.

On-Demand Guidance in the form of video or podcast is available for an additional investment.

If you are interested in the On-Demand Component please send your request to: Sherry@TheKindTreeProject.com.