The Various Offerings of The KindTree Project

The KindTree Project

(Five distinct features)

The KindTree Project Program

The KindTree Project Program has been designed to accommodate the modification of its content, and method of administration; so that it may be presented with authenticity and relevance in varied settings, and to diverse groups of individuals.

Features include:

Virtual option:

Program Materials:

How we meet our objectives:

Training of Facilitators

The Training of Facilitators component, is an exclusive feature of the KindTree Project Program that is available to facilitator’s who want to elevate their ability to administer the program to the next level; offering virtual training, consultation, materials replenishment, and more, for a one time registration fee. 

The Training of Facilitators program is open to corporations, organizations, and groups, both large and small, public and private, for profit and nonprofit.  The KindTree Project Program has been designed to adapt to practically any established “group”.  Therefore, it is suitable for schools, Rehabilitation facilities, centers, offices, etc..

Registrants of the Training of Facilitators component, are required to have first completed the KindTree Project Program [for themselves] prior to admittance into the Training of Facilitators component.  This can be accomplished in three ways: 1. Self-led, within a small group (i.e., 2-5 individuals), 2. by completing the program on one’s own-solo, or 3. by completing the program -on demand- which requires a fee or donation to access the material.  

Registration for the Training of Facilitators component is open to Imminent Facilitator’s upon the completion of the KindTree Project Program.

The Training of Facilitators component requires a one-time investment that will grant Imminent Facilitator’s access to exclusive virtual training, routine collaborative meetings, group enhancing tips/resources, access to Facilitator colleagues, materials replenishment, opportunities for extended and on-going Training of Facilitators group access, and much more.

The initial investment for this component provides access to exclusive benefits for one year with an option to renew membership annually.  For further information about registration fees and component details, please contact us at: or

KindTree KP's

(Kindness Purveyors)

The KindTree KP's component is available with limited access.  KindTree KP's will participate in a KindTree group facilitated by the program creator Sherry Hales.  Participant's will not have a registration fee and will only need to purchase the books required for the program.

KindTree KP's will also serve to promote The KindTree Project and it's components via social media, community and other means.

Features of the KindTree KP's include:

(*Because this feature will interact with Sherry Hales Ministries, it is available to Bible believing Christians exclusively. For more information email:

The Empathy Immersion Component

The Empathy Immersion Component provides a "deep dive" into the virtuous attribute of Empathy.

Program Features:

KindTree Project Program

-Independent Contractor-

You can become a KindTree Project Program Independent Contractor!  If you are someone that works at a company, organization, school, etc., and would like for the "culture" of your workplace to become more kind and supportive at every level (especially for the staff and employees) and you are willing to help that positive change happen, then you are someone that would make a TERRIFIC KindTree Project Program -Independent Contractor-!

Here's how it works: