Why has the KindTree Project been created?

The KindTree Project, has emerged, primarily, in response to the present [pervasive] virulent milieu (societal conditions); that allows for the proliferation of egregiously abnormal acts of unwarranted violence, and unprovoked murderous commissions to recur [with frequency] in modern society.

These random, unpredictable, wretched deeds, are tantamount to psychological, assault and battery, upon the soul, of every non-consenting witness; and beyond remediation to those that bear the brunt of impact.

This madness must end–barbarism cannot be tolerated, as it has no 

[legitimate] place in a sane and civil society!

To this end, The KindTree Project endeavors to sow flowering seeds of clemency, that will spring forth into proficient, restorative branches, of civility and compassion to the betterment of our world and posterity.

How will The KindTree Project meet its objectives?

Primarily via the KindTree Project Program.

How can I learn more about The KindTree Project Program?

Send your questions to: info@TheKindTreeProject.com or TheKindTreeProject@gmail.com.

Can I get involved in the KindTree Project if I'm not a Christian?

The KindTree Project is a division of Sherry Hales Ministries, however, it is not a religious entity and therefore anyone who wants to make the world a better place for EVERYONE is welcome.

If you want to be a part of The KindTree Project and/or receive updates please send your request to: info@theKindTreeProject.com or TheKindTreeProject@gmail.com.